Interested in Raiding?

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Interested in Raiding?

Post by Biscuit on Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:07 pm

Are you interested in raiding? We welcome newbs and pro's alike! Just keep most of your salt in the kitchen please.
Add your name to the list!

Biscuit: chrono
Brushie: ele, rev, warrior
Crush: guardian, druid, condi warrior
Braindeaddoc: guardian
Tonto: guardian
Ryqzu: tempest
Amelia: condi warrior
Dimagog: condi necro
Regi: necro
Oldshrug: necro
Hykuro: condi reaper
Poro: daredevil, herald
Megs: warrior
Tayka: warrior
Bean: engi, druid
Multie: engi
Efblazen: thief
Aelewynn: ranger

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