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Engineer PvE Guide

Post by Mutlie on Sat Jul 30, 2016 4:07 pm

Alright! Before we get into the PvE guide, not to be confused with the Raid guide. If you have not seen my first post, explaining what I am doing, go see that first. These will be split up in 4 guides. PvE being the most tedious and information filled one. In this guide I will explain all the abilities, traits, passives, etc. Not in the other guides though so this one READ FIRST!

Off to explaining this insanely hard and fun class!

First, I want to touch on how Engineer feels, how its played. Engineer at the moment is a condition monster. (PvE we are talking about) Sure, you can run hammer, power, and just hit things but, High fractals, Aether path, etc., hard endgame material is going to be challenging. Engi is one of those classes that brings damage output and utility. That is why we are so popular in Raids! (not, stupid reapers :L ) The dps of Condition Engineer obviously beats Power Engi, we cannot compete with Reapers, Tempests, Chronos, etc.; But the utility!!! Here are my basic opinions of the weapons and skills on engineer.

WEAPONS: Not being too specific with the stacks of conditions or damage numbers, that's just too much work.

Pistol/Pistol: Your main condition setup. So good for medium range attacking and does decent amounts of condition.
1. Typical auto attack. Bleeds, Explodes on impact, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Although it has a weird property that you can hit things through walls or platforms since the blast also damages nearby foes. Low to medium damage output.

2. Fires a volley of shots and poisons on impact, forgot how many shots it is. 5? Doesn't matter too much, but, let this ability get its full channel off. Medium damage output.

3. Fires a lightning charge that bounces between foes, blinds and adds stacks of confusion on them. Low damage output, but, the blind is very nice for hard encounters.

4. OH BABY. My favorite ability on P/P. Fires a burst of flame and adds stacks of burn depending on how close you are to the target. The closer you are the more stacks it applies. SO MUCH BURN! High damage output. Save until you place all your bombs from bomb kit and fire upclose. (I explain Bomb Kit a bit later)

5. Fires a glob of glue that cripples on the first tick of impact and then immobilizes a half a second later. Good utility. No damage output. If you see me in raids, im usually firing this out frequently just because its very troll

Now I could go into the other weapons this specific, but I am not realizing how much work this is LOL. So, how we are going to do this now, is a short summary of the weapons. Although I will explain Flamethrower Kit, Bomb Kit, Elixir Gun, and Mortar Kit like I did above since they are very important.

Rifle: My favorite weapon on Engineer. Medium damage, great with power build. UNDERPOWERED. PLS BUFF THIS ANET PLS. Will go into more detail in the PvP guide. New build I made up Smile

Hammer: Meh, Good damage, great with power build, not fun to play with though, very boring. Just nerfed 2, a little buff with 5, but no damage on impact anymore.

Shield: Literally never used this. I've heard engis using P/S in high fractals but, meh.

Important skills: Now I know all you thinking, I love turrets, they are so good. Let me try to be easy on you. They are not good. Maybe the elite skill is semi-usable but... They kinda suck. I will only be going over the abilities you need to know for PvE.

Now this is a good time to point out that you have a nifty thing called a tool belt. 5 more skills basically on you F1-5 or if you changed them. All abilities have a different tool belt skills that are unique to them. Some better than others. And I will go over those as well.

Healing Turret: There is only one heal you will want to learn. The glorious Healing Turret! You need to understand how blast finishers work in order to be good at engi. Oh, geez. Just thought of explaining finishers to someone. *shivers* Look it up please. I am not that smart to explain it right now. I mean I have been typing for years it feels. Master the blast finisher with the Healing turret and its one of the best heals in the game. You can also use Elixir Gun 4 to get an extra boost of healing but, it needs a little bit of practice. If you need further explaining, cause I can't really put this into words on how it works, add me in game (MultiShifting.4905) and ill show you how it works.

Medic Gyro: Not using scrapper in these builds, plain Engi. Although not a fan of this ability, and just nerfed with a .5 cast time. Good tool belt skill though, good synergy with hammer 3

AED: Eh. Some like it, I do not. Do not know what the tool belt skill is, meh.

Med Kit: So clunky, kinda useless to be honest. Im only talking about it because I love the idea of it and I want Anet to revamp or rework it into something useful.
Other heals I did not mention are probably irrelevant. Toolbelt: I mean, bad skill so ...

Kits: OHHH HERE WE GO. The love of my life. Kits. What makes engi so freaking fun. Tool Kit, not to be mixed up with tool belt, is a great PvP ability and will go over it there.

Also will be more narrow with these descriptions, so much typing. :L

Elixir Gun: Very utility based.
1. Auto attack, bleeds and weakens foes, good sustained damage. Low damage output though.

2. Really useless, don't wanna explain it, Bounces, cripples foes, gives movement speed to allies. LOW DAMAGE.

3.  A spray, poisons, and adds vulnerability. Low damage. Not useless but not that great. Best part is that it cures ally conditions if in the spray.

4. Oh yea! You leap back, leave an acid glob on the floor and deals damage every second for massive damage. Make sure you combo with some sort of cc before or after to keep them in the glob. Good for leap finishers. High damage output

5. Fires a circle of healing and cures conditions on allies. Light field. Good source of retaliation if you combo with Elixir 4.

Tool belt: Stun break, grants regen to you and allies. I just like the stun break

Flamethrower: Will only go over 3 abilities and the toolbelt for this one. Other skills are very situational and aren't used that often.
1. Nice damage, low-medium range. adds burning. Medium to high damage output. Deals 10% damage more to burning targets.

2. Fires a fireball I guess? You have the option to explode it. Do it when it reaches the target obviously, great damage.

4. Leaves a line of fire to burn foes in it. High damage output if target stays on it for the full duration, adds burning stacks.

Tool belt: OH SO MUCH DAMAGE, every time it is up, USE IT. Next three attacks adds burn stacks and hurts like hell. High damage output. Best thing to flamethrower kit by far.

Bomb Kit: All timed abilities, get used to the delay, these are going to be very short descriptions.
1. Explodes, does damage. Medium damage output.

2. Explodes, adds burning stacks and damages overtime. Medium damage

3. Explodes, adds confusion stacks. Low damage.

4. Explodes, blinds. Low damage.

5. Explodes, Same to glue shot, on the Pistol 5, I also use this during raids as a troll

Tool belt: Big bomb. knocks back. Good utility.

Grenade Kit: Great damage, Just fire everything except skill 4, its just a blind. Then move on to the next Kit.

Tool belt. Barrage of grenades. Good damage.

Other skills are very situational, good mentions are Rocket Boots and Elixir B.
Elite Skills: Mortar.
Mortar Kit is the only thing you should be running in PvE. Not the best damage, but it has an insane range to it. So if you want to stay the fuck away from Tequatl, and let everyone else die, this is the kit for you!

Traits. UGHH. So much work There are just a cookie-cutter build to this section. I would explain it in a future post if I have the free time for, but there are limited choices in traits and obvious choices over others. I will give the position of the trait in order and explain it a bit.

Firearms- Top, Top , Bottom
Chemical Rounds: Gives you more condition damage. Obvious choice.
Pinpoint Distribution: More damage condition damage based on your precision. MORE DMG.
Incendiary Powder: Burn lasts longer, crits apply burn. MOAR DMG.

Explosions- Bottom, Mid, Mid
Glass Cannon- Damage boost if you are above 90% health.
Shaped Charge- Deal more damage to vulnerable foes.
Shrapnel- Chance to Bleed and Cripple on explosions. Bomb Kit, Grenade Kit.

Tools- Top, Bottom, Mid
Static Discharge: Some extra damage.
Taken Round: Puts an explosion on a target when you first hit it under 50% health.
Adrenal Implant: More rolling, endurance regen increased.

How to play Engi. Hmm. I can't really help you with HOW you play it. I am a strong believer of if you practice enough you will get good at what you are practicing. You have to kind of develop your own style of Engi, unless you are a robot and can do the maximum damage rotation without batting an eye, then go for it!

Try to use your cooldowns as efficiently as you can. Switch kits a lot, use your tool belt skills when they come up, try to be doing the most damage you can. DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR MAIN WEAPON. It can be really easy to get caught up with all of your kits and not switch to your P/P.

Stats: Viper’s
Really no other way around it,, Viper’s is just insane for condition at the moment. Sinister trinkets are also very useful, Viper trinkets as well. If you are a lazy person like me, just go for Rampager’s and be done with it Razz

Sigils and Runes:
Rune: Superior Rune of the Beserker, Yes. I was very shocked at this as well. (if you are shocked)
You must be like, “But Mutlie! What about Rune of Thorns or Nightmare!”
Honestly, Nightmare is pretty good too if you want to farm Twilight Arbor for hours, which I did. Its preference if you want that defence of the 1 second fear, which is pretty nice.  Although Rune of Thorns I have not seen at all.
Sigils: Superior Sigil of Eath and Geomancy. These both apply bleed and is a minor boost in dps, but still very good. If you cannot proc Geomancy because you are dying to much when you get close, Superior Rune of Bursting is also very good.

Well! There you go! That was my super long, guide to Engi PvE. I promise that my other guides are not this long. I got carried away haha. If anyone wants to add to this or correct me on something feel free. Hopefully this was helpful to someone and I hope you all can learn Engineer to the greatest ability. See you in the next post!

-Mutlie, MultiShifting.4905

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