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Biscuit's Gold Guide

Post by Biscuit on Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:42 pm

Biscuit's Gold Guide!
Now this is not the best out there, and I'm sure you might find other ways of getting gold, but this is what I do. Please feel free to add your tips and ideas, or correct me if I'm wrong or if there is a better way! Also, this guide is pretty much limited to those with Heart of Thorns. You can't really make much gold if you are F2P since you don't have access to the Trading Post.

Starting from nothing:
I suggest first going through all the mats you don't need and selling them to get a little bit of money for wp costs. You don't want to be stuck somewhere! Also buy some ori tools - don't waste your time with anything less. Generally speaking, refining the ores and logs will get you a bit more money, but check first.
*Farming mats:
1) Go to the Guild Hall and get the gathering booster from the tavern (across the bridge, building on your left). This is free to anyone rep'ing the guild.
2) Check the Trading Post to see what is selling for the highest prices.
3) Gather as much as you can, refine, then sell.
1) Find yourself a multimap squad (usually in LFG right before the 15 min timer starts). Avoid ones that say "Squad size enforced" or are run by Django Unchaiined - you don't want to get kicked if you can't help it.
2) Follow the squad rules - if they aren't explained and you don't know what to do, then please ask before the meta starts.
3) Only grab the grand chests
4) Salvage your rares, then salvage your ectos (use a mystic salvage kit or better).
*Time Gates
1) If your crafting is maxed, be sure to make your time gated ascended stuff (Spool of Silk Weaving Thread, Spool of Thick Elonian Cord, Glob of Elder Spirit Residue, Lump of Mithrillium) every reset. Doesn't matter if you don't need them right now. The finished products sell for more than the mats themselves so it's always worth it to have some on hand. If you run the octovine at least once a day, you will have enough elder wood, silk, mithril, and leather squares to make them. If not, do make sure to farm what you need before reset.
2) When you aren't crafting with ascended items, sell them. Spiritwood planks and Deldrimor Steel Ingots are easy enough to get and will almost always sell at a good price. I don't suggest buying leather to make Elonian Squares to sell though, unless you know you'll get good profit.

Gotta spend gold to make gold:
Right now Onyx Lodestones are selling for a lot, but the cores are cheap. To make them in the mystic forge, you need: 2 onyx cores:1 mystic crystal:1 bottle of elonian wine:1 crystalline dust per 1 onyx lodestone. Buy your cores and elonian wine accordingly (ie, 1 wine per 2 cores: 250 cores & 125 wines / 20 cores & 10 wines etc). Sell those lodestones for about 82 - 88 silver. Check the prices on the TP to get an idea of where in that range you can list. If there are a bunch for 80s and lower, list in the 82 silver range, and if they are higher, well list higher. It can take up to a full day to get your money, but you will get double back. Wine costs 25 silver a piece, the cores are about 3 silver each. You got your crystilline dust from ectos from octovine and the mystic crystals are basically free (spirit shards). So spend 28 silver to sell for 84 silver - worth it.

Pact Supplies; playing the long game:
This is THE best karma to gold system right now. Get your masteries to unlock the pact suppliers first, it's worth it. Pact suppliers are npc's that sell a variety of things for karma, but what we want is the Pact Scout's Mapping Materials. Cost 5280 karma per each one, and you can only get 6 per 24 hours. Make it a priority to get them each day. Go to every day when you log in to see the locations of the NPC's. Copy and paste into notepad or something, then paste into chat in game (guild or say, whatever doesn't matter). Get the mats, then stick them in your bank. DO NOT OPEN when you get them!!!!!
These items are designed to give you the bonus reward of whatever map you are currently in. So if you are in Dry Top when you open it (double clicking), you get the map bonus reward of Dry Top. You don't want that shit. Save them up for a very special week. A week of riches and rewards. A week called TWO. Now, how do you know when it's week two? The wiki tells you! The map you open them on, for the highest rewards, is Frostgorge Sound. Go ahead and look at those rewards: powerful blood, charged lodestones, giants eyes, charged cores. Damn that's good shit. 90 silver, 2.5 gold, 1 gold, 80 silver respectively. The thing is, during week 2, all the plebs will be selling their loots asap. Don't be a pleb. Be smart. Watch the market and wait til week 2 is over and the supply dries up and prices get back to normal. Then sell. Or keep them for Legendary crafting, whatever.

Another thing about map bonus rewards - you get these by doing events in the map as well. So when FG week 2 rolls around, you will see ppl tagging up to run the event circut. Get yourself a map reward booster from the GH, pop some pumpkin juice and peppermint omnomnomberry bars for extra magic find and gold drops, and follow the zerg to all the events. DO NOT SOLO FARM EVENTS during this week!!! You will fuck it up for the whole map since the events are on a timer. Don't be a dick, just go with the squad. If there isn't one on your map, look on LFG or ask me to start one, or ask in guild chat for an invite to one. But be sure to watch out for a little pesky something called Dimishing Returns (DR). It basically stops ppl from farming 24/7. The time DR hits you is a little debated, but I've found that once your karma from events hits the double digits, you aren't gonna get shit for drops. Get out of Frostgorge, go do something else somewhere else for a little bit. Run octovine, do a few fractals, farm nodes, do a few events elsewhere. Then go back and you should be good to go. Just watch your karma. Or if you get hit with DR, switch toons. DR is only character bound - not accound wide.

There is a handy little website that will show you the routes nodes tend to grow on. Once you run it a few times, you'll get used to the paths, but otherwise you might have to alt tab a bit. I pick the ones that are the easiest.
Non perma nodes paths I usually run are:
Soft wood - Kessex Hills
Seasoned wood - Dredgehaunt
Hard wood - Sparkfly
Elder wood - Silverwastes and Southsun (although usually I get enough from doing octovine and hitting the perma nodes)

While in Kessex Hills, gather the Toxic Spores. They are about 10-30 silver each.
If you go to Southsun, grab the Blooming Passifloras - there are only 3 per map and they sell for about 50-80 silver a piece.

Perma nodes can be found on this SUPER handy site (I suggest getting an account)
Ones I hit up:

Gallowfields in Brisband [&BGMAAAA=]
Icegate in Gendarran Fields [&BJMBAAA=]
Helliot Mine in Fields of Ruin [&BEsBAAA=]
Dementra in Harathi Hinterlands [&BKsAAAA=]

Grostogg's Kraal in Iron Marches [&BO8BAAA=]
Gladefall in Iron Marches [&BO4BAAA=]
Rustbowl in Fireheart Rise [&BB4CAAA=]
Old Sldge Site in Mount Maelstrom [&BNQCAAA=]
Criterion in Mount Maelstrom [&BMkCAAA=]

Jaka Itzel in Verdant Brink [&BOAHAAA=]
(the flax is on the map floor, just jump off the platform and fall [don't die tho, m'kay?])
The new map from LS3 has lots of flax too but I can't tell you where cuz I don't know exactly yet.

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