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Engineer PvP Guide

Post by Mutlie on Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:32 pm

ATTENTION:This guide is for people who have been playing Engineer for a bit, knows the skills, combos, and the feel of the class. I cannot teach you how to be a better PvPer all together, it takes time and practice and you need to just play to get to know the maps and strategies. I will not explain any abilities or weapon skills in this guide because I will assume if you want to play PvP you already learned Engi, and if you haven't, GO LEARN IT!!! You wont be able to rank up in PvP if you don't understand Engineer. My PvE guide might help you with that. I also will not be playing a condition Engineer in PvP. Power Engi is so much better and you should know that already. Anyways, Enjoy!

Ok! PvP. This guide is going to be very different. Unlike the PvE guide where most of it will be dated unless they change something drastically to condition and how it works. PvP meta changes pretty much every season. I will not be talking about the great things about other patches with Slick Shoes, and how amazing it was. It was a dumb ability, but, they nerfed it pretty damn hard. So! Its useless! End of story. Anyway, I will talk about my build that I have created, or if someone also had this idea, sorry. After this patch (Out of Shadows Patch), Hammer 2, and 5 was nerfed. Bulwark Gyro was also nerfed. I will not be using bulwark gyro or hammer in this guide. I'm going back to my roots. Fuck, if I was a sylvari engineer that would of been a good joke, but, norn life chose me. I will go over what I think is a great build that I have dabbled with over the few days that I have played it.

PS: I will be doing a guide like this ,or an update really every patch that changes PvP.

RIFLE: Yes! Rifle! I'm using rifle now and I don't hate it!
Hip shot is a pretty nice ability when chasing people and its good damage overall.
Net shot is a combo starter, and ill go into that later.
Jump shot is AMAZING! People hate this ability, but the damage and setup for the combos ill go over are insane.
Overcharged shot is also insane for some combo starters.

Skills: Now I have been experimenting with this lately, and I haven't found a certain build that I find amazing, but I will give some abilities I find that work and you can see for yourself what you like to play with.


Medic Gyro: Not terrible, but if you are not using Hammer, probably not the best.

Healing Turret: Its too fking good. LEARN THE BLAST COMBO! You can also do Jump Shot before you blast F1,
Tool belt: Not great on its own, but its still health. Combo with other leaps/blasts.

Regular Skills:

Purge Gyro: Very good for all those pesky condition warriors and reapers.
Tool Belt: Not very great. But the base ability is worth it.

Blast Gyro: My personal favorite! The ability to knock someone down (and if they don't have a stun break ready) and combo it with other stuff is crazy! Damage is actually not horrible either.
Tool Belt: Actually will synergies with one of the traits I will go over. Good for chasing kills or getting to objectives faster.

Elixir Gyro: Pretty Standard.
Tool Belt: Stun breaks in PvP are crazy good. Not on a long cd either so, you will most likely will have it every encounter you go into.

Tool Kit: Love this in PvP. Tool kit 3, 4 , and 5 are the only abilities you will l want to use. 5 to pull them, 3 to hit them when they are interupted, and 4 to block in large fights! So much utility from this kit.
Tool Belt: Not bad damage, sometimes hard to land both damage procs.

Elixir B: Good source of might/retaliation.
Tool Belt: Add stability which is good in large scale fights.

Elixir S: Not a horrible choice, but its not really needed since you basically have it in your traits.
Tool Belt: Stealth is pretty nice for beginning mid push.


Sneak Gyro: The only elite that's worth it in PvP.
Tool Belt: Reveals stealthed characters. Get rid of those stupid daredevils and chronos

Elixir X: Not "terrible", but I think it is.
Tool Belt: Pretty insane. Moas on an Engi can be crazy, but, Base skill is meh.

Alchemy: Mid, Mid, Bottom
Inventions: Mid, Bottom, Mid
Scrapper: Bottom, Top, Mid

These traits are for a very tanky build. You will outlast most dps classes in fights and will usually be the last one standing if you don’t face like 3 or more necros. (If you can’t tell, I have a strong hatred to Necros/Reapers.)

Sigils, Rune, and Amulet:
Still trying to find the best for this part. Haven’t found the greatest build but it's better than leaving you off with nothing. I might change this later to an actual set build when I find a better option.

Sigils: Air, Intelligence
Rune: Hoelbrak
Amulet: Paladins
Combos: Here we go.
All of these are so so so situational. But they are useful to know. If they have a stun break, well, rip.
Jump Shot---->Net Shot----->Blunderbuss---->Acid Bomb

Blast Gyro----> Wait for interruption, pull(tool 5) when 1 second before get up---->,Net Shot----> Blunderbuss----> Acid Bomb

Overcharged Shot-----> Blast Gyro---->Jump Shot on target---->  Pull----> Net Shot ----> Blunderbuss-----> Acid Bomb

Welp! That's all I have for this guide. Again, if I missed something, comment so I can change it. And if you think im wrong or you have another build, share it ! Razz GLHF

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